Campaign Update #2


We had a great time meeting constituents at Saturday’s Meet & Greet. Shoutout to Bear Buns Bakery, a locally-owned, women-owned bakery serving up the best cinnamon rolls in San Diego. Thank you Bear Buns and thanks to everyone who came out!

Here’s a photo of our team debriefing on the steps of Montgomery Middle School after an evening of canvassing in my home of Linda Vista. 17 years ago, this is where I went to school. It’s surreal to be campaigning for City Council on the streets I walked as a child. Doing so alongside my daughter fills me with tremendous hope. I’m doing this so that the youth in our neighborhoods don’t doubt the power of their own voice.

At the last meet & greet, we asked District 7 residents to list one thing they would change about their community. This is how we identify our priorities - by listening. Residents want more opportunities for youth, community gardens, better outreach - newsletters/community forums, grocery stores, helping the homeless, and they want something to be done with the old Serra Mesa Library. It’s time to get to work!!

I was honored to participate in the San Diego Young Democrats endorsement process. We received 4 votes for endorsement, not enough to be endorsed, but I’m proud of those 4 votes, considering no one in the traditional political party structure knew my name a few months ago. We’ll continue spreading our message of doing things differently, listening to the voices of those who have been left out.


Once again, I am immensely grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey. Although at times it’s stressful, working full time, raising my daughter, and doing all this on top of that, I am blessed to have an amazing team and amazing support. We’re excited to keep our people-powered campaign going and it’s invigorating speaking with people who share our values and our principles. Thank you!

The most important things you can do to support our campaign is donate your time or donate your money. Campaigns are expensive. We use your donations to purchase canvassing materials, pay for canvassing and phone-banking software, and pay our campaign staff.

Let’s Build Our Future Now,

Sharon Larios

Haley Hauck