Authenticity. I am not a career politician nor do I strive to be. I was born and raised in Linda Vista, the poorest neighborhood in District 7, and I know the sense of urgency of each and every issue happening and the need to be heard. I know what it’s like to be excluded from the conversation despite having ideas and solutions, so I understand that every voice is crucial and needs to be heard. I am a product of the community I will represent and will remain grounded, connected to my roots, to my people, and I will always be an authentic voice for us.



I believe strongly that city government is a vehicle for the people. With the polarization of national politics, we need to be able to rely on local government to restore our faith that elected officials work for, and with, the communities they represent. That’s why accessibility is an underlying principle that will guide my work in office. I can’t do this job without you, so it’s important to me to establish channels for access to my office.



Transparency. Linda Vista is a part of my identity and the most important place in the world for me. I’ve met many life-long San Diegans who have no idea our community even exists. 3 years ago, I did not now we had local civic bodies in place within our community. This exemplifies another reality of Linda Vista - for too long, it is a neighborhood where things happen to us, not with us or for us, This is why transparency is extremely important to me. Our community has a right to know what’s going on. We have a right to know when decisions are being made that impact us, our children, and our families. I will be transparent about what’s happening in District 7, and while we might not always agree, you will always know where I stand.