Community Partnership. As your District 7 representative, I won’t forget that my number one job responsibility is to represent the priorities of my D7 neighbors. I work for you, and I cannot effectively represent you if I am not listening and engaging with my community. I won’t make policy promises; being 1 of 9 City Council members, it would be disingenuous to make guarantees that are not within my control. However, I promise to develop my budget priorities in partnership with community members, as I believe the most important role of a City Councilmember is to push for funding based on their community’s needs. I promise to be proactive in gathering feedback from constituents on issues and votes that impact them. You will hear from me early and often, and I will engage with residents through a variety of ways in a variety of languages to make sure anyone who wants to be involved, can be involved.



Council staff which reflects our district.

District 7 is a big place; just look at our district on a map. It is the largest City Council district by area in the city, and the neighborhoods that make up our district all have distinct identities, cultures, and needs. I recognize that I cannot be an effective representative for all of District 7 if my staff doesn’t reflect our District’s diversity. I promise to have a staff with representation from all areas of our district. The people I want advising me on what’s important to Grantville should have a connection to Grantville. The people who represent my office at community meetings in Serra Mesa should have a connection to Serra Mesa.



Community Office Hours. As your councilmember, I want it to be easy for you to get in touch with me. As a way to ensure we are working together, I promise to hold community office hours throughout District 7 as a way to stay engaged throughout the year, and to hear from you about where I should focus my time and energy. We’ll include office hours during evenings and weekends so we aren’t excluding folks who can’t take time off during the day – I know I’ve missed out on plenty of civic engagement opportunities because they aren’t accessible to working families. I’ll work with communities to select accessible locations and times and to get the word out. Office hours don’t have to have an agenda; they can just be a place to come together and talk about what’s happening in the neighborhood.