Showing up to serve. I’m not here for personal gain as a career politician, using this office as a stepping stone. I’m here to represent my neighbors, my family, and my city. I’m here to knock down barriers for each and every resident to shape the systems that affect their own lives. I’m showing up with fresh passion and energy so we can all show up for the issues that affect our communities.



Taking Our Place.

The time is now for everyday folks like you and me to fulfill the potential of our communities. I’ve lived what it takes to get stuff done with and for my community – hard work, speaking truth, and leaning on each other. We have all the solutions we need within us to build the lives and futures we desire. Together, we create meaningful change.



Representing us.

This is my home, where I come from, and where I build a future for my daughter and family. I care about this place and our people more than any political game because they have made me who I am and carry me forward. I know what it feels like to be left out of the political process and I know what it takes to make our voice heard. Let’s raise our voices together.



We Are District 7.

I believe every voice adds to the strength of our whole. From Linda Vista to San Carlos, our vibrant communities reflect the richness of our diverse city. This is our moment to listen to our neighbors, to share ideas and work together towards healthier and safer neighborhoods. It starts with electing leaders like me who live just like you, working hard every day to care for our community.